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Making Religion Part of Your Life

If you were raised in a religious household, you might be trained to start the day with prayer and attend church on the weekends. But do you really make religion a part of your life each and every day? It isn't hard to forget your roots and do your own thing, which is why I decided to dedicate my blog towards helping other people get back in touch with religion. On my blog, you will find insightful ways to add touches of religion to your everyday life, so that you can remember where you came from and who you should be thanking.


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3 Benefits Of Attending A Weekly Bible Study

If you are trying to find a way to get closer to God, joining a Bible study is one of the best ways to do this. During a Bible study, you will meet weekly with a group of people and you will discuss a book of the Bible, a certain topic, or a book related to the Bible. Attending a Bible study offers many benefits, including these three.

You will learn what the Bible means

The Bible can be one of the most confusing books you will ever read and it can be hard to understand its meaning. When you join a study, you will study a certain book or topic and this will open up your understanding as to what:

  • This book or topic really means
  • God expects of you
  • Changes you need to make in your life to be more Christ-like

You will probably have to read certain passages each week before you meet, and you may also have to answer questions in a book.

You will make new friends

The second benefit of attending a Bible study is that you will make new friends. Bible studies are often for certain groups of people. If you are a woman you could join a women's group, but there are also groups for men, couples, and singles.

You will begin getting to know the people in your group and you may develop some close friendships because of this. Being part of a group can offer you support, love, and encouragement.

You will have people praying for you

The third benefit, and one of the most important ones, is that your group will be praying for you. Most Bible study groups begin or end the meetings with prayer. They will ask if anyone has prayer requests and you are free to share any requests you may have.

The leader may take the time to pray for all the requests that are presented but all of the group members will be encouraged to present these requests to God all week long. If you are a Christian, even if you are new to the faith, you probably already understand how powerful prayer can be. Having people praying for you can give you hope and it may even help you receive answers to your requests.

If you are interested in joining a Bible study class, contact a Baptist church in your area, such as New Gethsemane Baptist Church. They may offer several different options and this will be a great way for you to develop a closer relationship with God.